The Countdown

I’ve been counting down the days. And the nights. I was gonna take my time and slow my walk but I’m way too damn excited. I’m almost there! As I write this blog I’m laying down on the picnic tables at the Cahokia Mounds. ​A mere 10miles away from the Gateway Arch. I’m feeling a mixture of excitement and sadness. Excited to see a landmark that’ll have a personal meaning for the rest of my life. Excited to complete this thousand mile journey. Excited to not have to worry about where I’ll be sleeping at night. Yet I feel a hint of sadness. I’ve gotten used to this lifestyle. I’m comfortable walking miles and miles everyday and meeting kind strangers whom I’ll never forget. I want to continue this journey further West. I wanna go out there so bad. I remember during the first week when I was sleeping outside a supermarket in Bethlehem, I was texting one of my best bros Corey and he said “dude if you ever decide to do something like this again I’m gonna drive over and kidnap you and not let you go”. At the time I thought I’m never doing something torturous like this again. Now I’m not so sure. It’s just too damn fun! I can’t believe I’m saying this but I loved this walk. I wish I had more time and was better prepared to face the difficult environment out West. I’m not saying that I’m definitely walking from NYC all the way to San Francisco next summer, but if you’re interested in keeping me company let me know 😏

Over the course of this trip I contemplated how hardship and pleasure relate to one another. I contemplated the idea of moderation. Joe Rogan said it best in one of his podcasts “everything in moderation including moderation.” To sum it up, sometimes you gotta do crazy hard stuff and crazy fun stuff. I don’t want to ever live a mediocre life. A life of quiet desperation isn’t for me. I want to endure extreme hardships and also experience extreme pleasure. All the time. One after the other. I’m not good at explaining but I think if I continue to do that not only will I have an incredibly fun life, I’ll also become capable of doing anything. So many things I wanna do 😩
Happy Walking,

Sam Zhang



2 thoughts on “The Countdown

  1. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. LAO TZU
    you have done such an amazing job, Sami. it is wonderful that you’ve found your zone. that flow that just keeps you moving forward. life is pretty wonderful when it’s lived at full throttle. but there are so many single steps that go into that journey. as you now know even better than i do. you will find many, many more experiences that fulfill you on every level. but maybe don’t take up quite so much time. time is precious too. i’m sure Lao had something to say about that as well. CONGRATULATIONS! enjoy sleeping in a comfortable, safe BED! for at least a little while…

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