As I walk through each town, city, or county, I meet so many wonderful people. Today my new travel buddy Flix and I met so many wonderful people in Marshal, Illinois. We had so much fun talking to the ladies and gentlemen at the Pentecostal church ad we even bumped into Sierra from the news station. So yea we made it onto the news 😁

We finished up today at Martinville and there we also met many amazing people. We’re currently crashing on Dan’s front lawn. And this man Dan is absolutely incredible. We talked for several hours tonight and I really admire his perspective on life and work ethic. He has worked so hard for the success he has achieved today. However he is very humble and he attributes his success in life to God. Dan tells me that God has a plan for everyone in this world. Although we may not always understand the plan He has for us, it’s always good. Throughout this journey I’ve had quite a few people tell me that. For those of you who remember my friend Mary, whom I met back in Hackkettstown, New Jersey, told me the exact same thing. It’s within God’s plan that I meet each and everyone of these amazing people! I feel so blessed and thankful that his plan for me crossed paths with so many kind hearted people and I hope to continue walking and follow God’s plan for me πŸ™

Also, to my new friends in Clark County, Derrick D. Sanders for Sheriff πŸ‘

Mama I made it on the newslost dog we fed and played with in Clark Center

Happy Walking,

Sam Zhang



9 thoughts on “Plan

  1. Why no post for yesterday?did you see the world’s biggest mail box? Love ya! Praying God will continue to bless your journey as He has and send His Angels over you😍

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    1. Haha hi Donna!! I didn’t post because last night where I set up my tent had no service 😭 but I’ll be sure to post it later 😁


  2. Sam I am so proud of you you accomplish something that I could never do. And not to many people can do are would do I am so happy that your experience was a good one now we know that there is a lot of wonerfull people out in this would you just had to look for them.God.directed you to the right ones the ones that belong to him to protect. And help you along the way .I am so happy for you you acomplished something and you did it no one stoped you I know your dad is proud of you too and looking down on you saying good gob son .I know you could do it. Now because of this experience I do see you acomplishing a lot in your. Life please always be the man that I meet never stop being you your dad did start to teach you being wonerful and now your. Mom has to finish. All ways your friend Mary in hackettown hope to see you before you head back to ny

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