I CANT EVEN BEGIN TO TELL YOU GUYS HOW AMAZING TODAY HAS BEEN! As my new friend Flix would call it, it’s “The Wave”.This morning I walked to a restaurant called Cackleberries in Terre Haute, Indiana. I got a sloppy skillet with scrambled eggs, top sirloin with 2 sunny side eggs, pancakes, and toast 😁 Before I started eating I went to the restroom. On my way back I passed this couple sitting at the table behind me and they asked the usual questions like where I was going and stuff so I told them and told them about my blog. Unfortunately I didn’t even get their name. When the delicious food came out, I devoured all of it within minutes of it coming out. The sloppy skillet was piping hot and super cheesy. It smelled absolutely wonderful and I savored every bite. The steak was perfectly cooked to a nice medium rare pink. I got both scrambled eggs on the skillet and 2 sunny side eggs with the steak. The pancakes were so fluffy and filling. All of that food overshadowed the toast but it was still buttery and crunchy. After I finished my huge breakfast, the waitress came and told me the table that was behind me took care of it already. They had been long gone and I couldn’t even thank them 😭 if you beautiful people see this leave me a comment with your contact information I would love to properly thank you. Also @Cackleberries and the waitress who helped me you’re awesome and you need a raise like now.

As I got ready to leave Terre Haute, I saw a Wendy’s right by route 40 and I obviously had to go in and grab a 50cent frosty. I walked in, sat down, and saw a guy with a pack similar to mine. I knew instantly. That guy was walking too. I approached him and introduced myself. Flix is the name. He is from NYC as well and he is also headed to St.Louis! 😱😱😱 We talked for a long time and it feels so good to have someone who understands EXACTLY what I experienced. We decided that we would walk together at least for a while. He is very philosophical and meditative. Flix makes an amazing travel buddy and although he’s super talkative, he is a good guy and some of his strange beliefs are slowly being proven right. Like this thing he calls “The Wave”. He said that the wave is something within us that will leads us to what we desire. And he told me that he was craving MRE(Meals Ready to Eat) and this wave will lead him to it. I guess everyone’s got a little crazy in them. Especially New Yorkers.

Later on, we entered Illinois, which is Central Time Zone. We stopped off at Armstrong Church to cool off around 3pm and the nice people there gave us some cold Capri-Suns, pudding, and a whole box of fruit snacks. As we relaxed in the back of the church, the sheriff deputy pulled up and asked what we were doing and stuff so he took down Flix’s number and told us to stay off the road and out of trouble. Finally around 8pm we stopped at the Pentecostal Church in Marshall and decided to sleep the night there. Suddenly it started thunderstorming and it was getting bad. Although we were under a roof the storm was still getting us completely drenched. Enter the good sheriff deputy. He pulls in and says “hey y’all can’t sleep here but I’ve got a barn at my place with water and electricity you guys can sleep there.” Not only did he allow us to sleep in his barn, he also let us use his bathroom to clean up and shower 😭 Craziest part of all, he gave us packaged breakfasts and 4 MREs. This man is Deputy Sheriff Derrick D Sanders. Officially The Most Incredible Law Enforcement Officer in my book. He went completely above and beyond his duty to help us. As I lay on the baby mattress in his barn with the thunderstorm raging outside, I’m just crazy in awe how generous this man is.

If I had to sum today up in one word: Mindblowing. MINDBLOWING. 

Happy Walking,

Sam Zhang



13 thoughts on “BEST DAY EVER

  1. I have a desire to just walk west, I’m glad to see you are doing it. You are absolutely correct Derrick Sanders is real close the best guy wearing a badge I have ever met, second to his boss. Glad there was hospitality here for you. Good luck on your journey.

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    1. That’s an awesome idea! Check out some blogs of people who walked it in the past. Just look it up and you’ll see many who’ve done it. Check out the tedtalk Nate Damm did about his journey. It’s an incredibly rewarding journey and I’m really sad that my journey will be ending in St.Louis.


  2. I’m so glad our deputy offered you help!! I wish I could have offered more than just bottled water 😦 I was worried about you guys and kicked myself for not asking for Facebook info or a way to see how your trip was going. I’m glad I came across this!

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  3. My boyfriend and I were watching the news tonight, and he says to me “when Mady (our 11 yr old ) & I were going to get gas for the mower tonight we (Sunday night ) we saw them up town (in Martinsville, Illinois ) & we wondered if they were walking across the states. Wish I would’ve known earlier. Don’t know how much further you went or if you did, but I’ll be traveling to an appointment tomorrow & will gladly bring you some cold water, and snack if you need.

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    1. Thank you so much! We’re actually all good. If you do pass us when we’re walking along 40 feel free to say hi! I’d love to meet you 😁


  4. god bless the local sherrifs across this great land! that feels like a story out of the Grapes of Wrath. how awesome! it is inspiring to read of your experiences. keep on riding the Wave, mister. But Sami, i think you need to walk more with your shirt OFF. even out that farmers’ tan! HA!

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