Daily Needs

What are some of your daily needs? Coffee? Brushing your teeth? Showering? Peeing? Pooping? Eating? Drinking water? Sleeping? Am I missing anything?


I admit I don’t shower everyday but I try to wipe myself down with baby wipes each night before I sleep and each wipe turns a nasty dark brown from a mixture of sunblock, dirt, sweat, etc. I try to shower as often as possible and that usually every 2-4 days. That’s honestly pretty uncomfortable because out here on the highway it gets steaming hot and there’s absolutely no shade and the black top just absorbs the sun energy and radiates it right back at you. I didn’t even know it’s possible to sweat from my shoulders or my arms! With that much sweating, not being able to shower is really nasty 😞

Peeing is much easier because I literally go behind a tree. Fortunately I don’t need to pee often because I’m usually dehydrated. I carry with me a gallon of water but there can be times when there is nothing but farmland for the next 20+ miles and I have no idea when you might come across another water source. I try to conserve water and when I know there is a fast food restaurant, gas station, supermarket, or dollar store within the next 10 miles I don’t have to conserve water as much. On hot days like today I go through 2 gallons of water easily. 

Water being as precious it is I sometimes also have to waste some water. In the mornings I brush my teeth with the water from my gallon and I carry my tooth brush and tooth paste with me. After that I eat my normal meal of bread, tuna, peanut butter, and shot of olive oil. 

Sleeping and finding shelter hasn’t been too much of a problem for me. The trick is to find a place where people won’t care that you’re there and land ownership is ambiguous. Hopefully stay out of sight as well. Also I would ask homeowners who might be outside on their yard. Sometimes I sleep way too close to the highway. I can hear each car zoom by loud and clear but that doesn’t even bother me because I’m just that tired.

Finally the topic of pooping! It’s not too interesting since I try to just go at fast food restaurants or gas stations but there were unfortunately two occasions when I had to take care of business in the woods and I hope none of you have to go through that. Don’t worry I have toilet paper but it’s just a real weird feeling and there’s no privacy at all😭 After you’re done just have the courtesy of burying it with some dirt and leaves so it fertilizes the soil πŸ‘

Appreciate your bathroom, drinkable water sources, bed, everything 😁 I’m about 11 days out from finishing and I’m counting down the days til not having to worry about where to sleep at night. I’m about 30miles out from Illinois and if I hurry it up tomorrow I might be able to make it there. Also I talked on the phone with my mom and told her that I’m actually doing this alone and not with a friend. She took it a lot better than I expected most likely because there’s nothing she can do about it 😝

My shoes after ~800 miles πŸ˜‚

Happy Walking,

Sam Zhang




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