American Dream

Coming from China with my mom when I was 10 was a huge change. I think we came to America to chase the American dream much like every other immigrant did. But what is the modern day American dream really? I think this man here, Mike, lives it. 

American dream to me meant owning a car, or a couple of cars, living out in the country side, having a wonderful family, owning a nice home and yard, and enjoying a carefree life. Being in New York City these past 10 years I began to wonder if that American dream was real anymore. Today this man proved it is and everyone can live it. 

Mike lives out here right by Route 40 National Road a mile or two East of Stilesville. He owns about 3 acres of land and he’s got his house, 2 garages, and a real nice yard with lots of fruit trees. He got 3-4 vehicles and a big ol’ 43ft RV. He’s 74 years old, a retired iron worker and his son is a crane operator and his grand kids are in college at Indiana State. He lives on his property with his wife and their dog. Only a 10-15 min drive away from Plainfield where everything is available from supermarkets to restaurants, etc. At night he would sit on his swing and watch the pack of bucks playing and hiding in the woods across the road. Today we didn’t see them but there was a humming bird and some other animals. Occasionally he has to deal with a coyote eating fruits that fall off his trees but that’s not a huge deal. Mike is a real good man but he’s no push over either. The man was telling me about his troublesome neighbor and he wasn’t afraid to bring the pain. Being 74 years old and alcohol free all these years, he’s in real good shape.

God bless this man Mike😁 Thank you for letting me pitch my tent on your yard and I hope we all achieve our individual versions of the American dream!

Happy Walking,

Sam Zhang



4 thoughts on “American Dream

  1. Sam, these stories are inspiring and I think everyone wants to achieve the American dream. As I’m getting up for work, I’m planning out my day with getting stuff ready so I can finish up my doctorate program, getting my passport application done so I can plan my adventures of volunteering in places like Costa Rica, or some places in the United States, & maybe a vacation when I’m done with school. Whatever it is, I’m just going to get out there & take a chance.
    I pray for a safe journey for you.


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