Poor Signal

Out here in Indiana T-Mobile is probably the worst provider you can have. My service out here is really spotty and don’t even mention uploading pictures. Today I reached Indianapolis and continue to walk onto Plainfield where I found the FIRST Chick-Fil-A I’ve seen all trip but unfortunately the line was around the block. Yesterday I met a cool dude name Jaimy Porter. His dad Tracy Porter is crazy cool too. Definitely the most hippie dude I’ve ever met; he told me about all of his psychedelic trips on all types of stuff during his concert going groupie days. Jaime used to follow The Dead around and some of his stories are crazy. His family got 200acres of land out here in the Hoosier state and he’s got a couple of old early 1900’s steam engines just laying around. On his uncle’s farm they’ve got all types of animals. There’s a four horned goat, some sheep, chickens, couple of African Watusi Bulls with big ol’ horns, all types of different cows like Angus and such. I had a grand time hanging out with him and crashed on his couch. The cops didn’t come this time ๐Ÿ˜He passed on the book “Walk Across America” to me and I’m only a few chapters in but it’s an incredible book that I can relate to. Whoever wants it can have it after I’m done ๐Ÿ˜ monument in Indianapolis Jaime Porter and his dad TPAfrican Watusi Bullsi don’t know what type of crazy sheep this iskid found me a place to crash back in Knightstown, Indianaa couple who’s walking across America

Happy Walking,

Sam Zhang




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